Prime Factors software products protect data at the application-level, where sensitive information is more exposed and susceptible to breach. Coupling a Data Security Governance approach with a proprietary Data Protection Engine, our software seamlessly implements and automates the enforcement of Data Protection Policies while orchestrating the centralized cryptographic key management at the application-level. These enterprise solutions govern how data is protected, using encryption, tokenization and data masking techniques, and limits who can who can access the data in what format, whether pseudonymized, anonymized, partially masked or in the clear – all while providing flexible audit logging and alerts for compliance management. For more than 35 years, Prime Factors has served more than 1,000 global customers, including 80% of the top financial institutions in North America.

Why Prime Factors EncryptRIGHT®?

  1. Allows InfoSec teams to guarantee that application programmers consistently apply data protection polices, including algorithms, cryptographic keys, tokens and data masks, cryptographic keys, tokens and data masks.
  2.  Defines and enforces how sensitive data is protected, who can access the secured data, and what format the data takes when access is granted.
  3.  Provides application-native data protection in as few as 3 lines of code.