XMUX – E 10G Muxponder

  • Converge 125Mbps ~ 5Gbps traffic to 10Gbps traffic
  • 16 SFP ports, support any traffic 125Mbps to 5Gbps transparent, total max 20G traffic
  • 2 XFP ports, support OC192/10G Lan/OTU 2/OTU2e
  • XFP 10G port support Tri-FEC for maximum network interoperability.
  • With different software configuration, one card can work as two 10G Muxpoders or one 10G Muxpodner with two 10G ports for network protection etc.
  • With cross block in the card, SFP ports are able to be software configured to work as 2.5G Muxponder and 2.5G transponder
  • Can be managed by CEO GUI(Graphics User Interface)
  • AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) at Layer1 for the client side