WLg-ABOARD/N is a rugged equipment designed for applications in railways (CBTC architectures), on- road, marine transportation, depots, warehouses, agriculture, manufacturing floors, docks, distribution centers, shipyards and lumberyards ... It can be mounted in trucks, trains, tramways, freighter ships, forklifts, trailers, tractors or cranes, for material handling, real-time information transmission, and inventory management.

It fulfills the most severe requirements in terms of operating environment: from -25°C to +70°C (extended -40°C to +80°C), shock and vibration proof, IP66 seal rating for protection against dust and water projections.

WLg-ABOARD/N is certified for railway applications (EN 50155 [IEC 60571] / EN 50121-3-2 / EN 50121-4); it is E-marked (CE standard for electronic equipments installed aboard vehicle), and can thus be installed in full safety aboard of all on-road equipments.