FarSync T2Ee – PCIe 2 port synchronous

The FarSync T2Ee card and software is designed to provide high-performance hardware communications solutions for business, government and military requirements who require a low profile PCIe synchronous communications card with externally sourced line clocks or able to generate a wide range of clock speeds internally. The product includes a low-level driver that allows access to the communications features available in the hardware.

The card can optionally use the host's standard TCP/IP protocol stack to allow access to IP based networks such as the Internet. The FarSync SDK provides a Developers Toolkit for the product.

The T2Ee is a PCIe communications card with two independently configurable sync serial ports. Sync operation supports transparent bitstream and bitsync (HDLC) of up to 10 Mbits/s per line with a total card bandwidth of 40 Mbits/s. The highly flexible universal network connector supports RS232, X.21, RS422, RS530, RS449, RS485 and V.35 network interfaces.

Line signaling modes: NRZ, Manchester encoding, FM0, FM1 and Conditioned Diphase (Differential Manchester) up to 10Mbits/s are handled by the FarSite customizable communications controller as well as soft selectable line termination resistance.