Connection Technology System (CTS) CVT-100 series media converter are the Fast Ethernet 10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX media converter. The CVT-100 series media converter converts traditional twisted-pair RJ-45 cable into various fiber media including multi-mode, single-mode, SC/ST/MR connector, or bi-directional wdm. The traditional transmission distance of 100m over RJ-45 copper can be greatly extended via fiber.

CVT-100 series media converter is fully compliant with IEEE 802.3 & 802.3u standards. With the built-in switch ASIC chip, it has turned CVT-100 series to become more like a two-port switch rather than like an ordinary converter. User can get many switch benefits such as segmentation, frame checking and error filtering. Additionally, Link Alarm feature enables administrator to monitor the fiber link more easily.