AirLink is a WiFi device designed for industrial, building & factory automation and mobile applications:

Compact and practical: a small footprint, wall or DIN rail mounting options and a wide range of power supply make it extremely easy to integrate into electrical cabinets or in tight spaces and thus ideal for machine manufacturers, OEM...

Mobility: with fast roaming performances (< 30 ms) and high resilience to shocks/vibrations, it fits perfectly in AGVs, vehicles (buses)...

Reinforcement of the coverage: it has 2 antennas to work in diversity or in MIMO and thus reinforcing the WiFi coverage and the reliability of your indoor radio communications (IIoT, MtoM, remote access & display...).

AirLink is an all-in-one multifunction product: access point, client, repeater, router & Mesh. It supports any type of Ethernet protocol such as Modbus/TCP, EtherNet/IP, Safe Ethernet, PROFINET... Compliant with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi standards (2.4 & 5 GHz), it offers up to 300 Mbps radio data rate.

AirLink integrates the latest security standards (WPA2-Enterprise (Radius), DoS, Firewall...) as well as routing and filtering functions facilitating mass deployments (e.g. machine manufacturers, AGVs, buses...).