Elproma Electronics

ELPROMA is the EU specialists in manufacturing professional Time Servers. ELPROMA offer large range of NTP and PTP products suitable for IT corporations, Telecom, Banks & Financial business, Power Distribution industry etc. Elproma are also active in design & delivery complete ready Time Synchronization Systems & solution. In 2013 Elproma has launched new brand name CLEPSYDRA Time Systems to split other branches and production pending at Elproma Group. Time & Frequency expertise highlights a result of more than 22 years’ experience in industry. Elproma is taking pride in placing emphasis on three critical factors: Versatility, Compatibility, Reliability, Stability, Safety and Security. The key to continued growth and success is Elproma ability to stay at the leading edge of IT technological innovation whilst paying full attention to the detailed needs of all our customers.

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