Atalla AT1000

Utimaco Atalla AT1000 HSM enables data and e-commerce protection and key management operations :

  • PIN translations,
  • payment card verifica­tion, production and personalization,
  • electronic funds interchange (EFTPOS, ATM),
  • cash-card reloading,
  • EMV transaction processing, and
  • key generation and injection.

Utimaco Atalla AT1000 HSM, a PCI-DSS compliant HSM, provides unrivaled protection for AES and other cryp­tographic keys when safeguarding payment transactions. The HSM protects and manages encryption keys needed for key derivation within the tamper-resistant hardware device.
Utimaco Atalla HSM AT1000 host commands are fully backward compatible with its previous generation models, incorporating more than three decades of expertise — en­abling co-existence and easy migration.

Atalla Key Block is a key block format approved by the ANSI standards community to support interchange of symmetric keys in a secure manner and with key attributes included in the exchanged data. The AES key-wrap process, also commonly known as ANSI Key Block (AKB), was the first market-speci­fied standard that resolved this by hard binding the key with the intended attributes along with integrity to ensure;

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