NTS-pico3-ANT (NTP/ PTP Time Server)

NTS-pico3-ANT is advanced, external version of NTS-pico3. It is antenna integrated time server. It delivers UTC/TAI ref. time directly to network using NTP, PTP protocols. Reference time is supported from GNSS. Unit has ultra fast Time To First Fix start-up TTFF supported by SBAS systems.

Standard product includes hardware timestamping. It s supports profiles Default, Power, Telecom, White Rabbit* high accuracy*. It is equipped with 3x LANs (2x 1GbE SFP, RJ45 and 1x 100Mbps RJ45/PoE) supporting both IPv4 and IPv6.

Product has natural air cooling and it can operate 24/7 powered by Ethernet PoE interface RJ45. The surge arrester for RJ45 shall be purchased separately. A built-in GNSS satellite receiver includes TCXO oscillator for a short-time holdover. To increase holdover time the MCXO* and OCXO* oscillators are available on request.

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