Utimaco Block-safe is a hardware security module (HSM) for protecting sensitive data and associated keys for blockchain systems using distributed ledger technology (DLT) and wallets.

Key Features

  • Built-in Post-Quantum safe Dual TRNG + PRNG entropy source, and NIST SP800-90 compliant RNG
  • Asymmetric Key derivations including BIP-32, NIST SP800-108, ECDSA (NIST SP800-56A), DSA (ANSI X9.42)
  • Fingerprint for public key address generation
  • Consensus signing and verification using MultiSign
  • SDK for customization by your own developers involving sensitive code and IP
  • Built-in support for several models for HA redundancy and performance scalability
  • Role based access control (RBAC) with multi factor authentication for segregation of dutie

Product Documents

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