Professional Services

Professional Services

We provide professional services in designing, implementation and maintenance of the following:

Network Security

CISCO ASA Firepower, Fortinet Fortigate Series and Opensource Pfsense.

Certification Authority

We help organisation to implement their Certificate Authority such as Microsoft Certificate Authority or EJBCA OpenSource Certificate Authority to provide a chain of trust for their organisation. Along with that, we also provide integration with Utimaco Hardware Security Module (HSM) and Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) and Micorsoft Domain Controller.

Network Access Control

Configuration and Commissioning of Aruba ClearPass and CISCO ISE with integration of Microsoft Active Directory, Domain Controller, System Center Configuration Manager and Network Access Devices such as edge switches, Wi-Fi Access Points and Wireless Lan Controller.

System Infrastructure


Progreso provides design, implementation and maintenance of Virtualization systems with VMware Virtualization Platform and Microsoft Hypervisor

Server Platform Services

Setup and maintain Microsoft Server Platform Services – Domain Controller, Active Directory, Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), Internet Information Services (IIS) and Group Policy Object (GPO)

Networks Professional Services

Wired Network L2/L3

We provide services for designing, implementation and maintenance of wired networks with CISCO Solution Catalyst Series for L2 and L3 Network as well as Alcatel Lucent OmniSwitch and OmniAccess Series of products.

Wireless Audit

To meet the growing demands on your Wi-Fi network, Progreso provides Wireless Audit to check the health and performance of your wireless network. Wi-Fi network performance degrade overtime as users’-based increases, bandwidth intensive applications increase, contention of radio frequencies from other external sources, network infrastructure changes and change in physical environment. All these factors will affect the user experience and degrade performance of Wi-Fi network if uncheck. With the use of Ekahau Wi-Fi design and planning tool, we perform independent Wi-Fi audit to help check and ensure your Wi-Fi networks remain efficient and effective.

Cloud Migration

The process of moving data, application and other business elements to a cloud computing environment may be faced with different challenges. Let us do the work for you, we provide cloud migration for your company needs with Amazon Web Services (AWS) whether on-premise migration or a new deployment. Our services include AWS- EC2, S3, RDS, VPC, EBS, API Gateway, Route 53, ELB, CloudFront, IAM and many more.