SecurEnvoy provides trusted and relied-upon identity and access management (IAM) and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions to millions of users worldwide.

SecurEnvoy SecureIdentity & Protection Suite allows organisations to provide verifiable trust in every activity they perform. The suite of enterprise security solutions delivers you a journey of identifying the user, device and location; discover exactly what data you have and where it is; classify that data effectively; control who has access to what data and what device; and then deliver your policy in control of data ensuring enhanced data protection. All with intelligent organisation control and monitoring with SecurEnvoy to support you on your journey.

Why SecurEnvoy Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solution?

  1. Provides comprehensive data protection across any platform, regardless of file type, structured/ unstructured, on-premise or in the cloud.
  2. Capable of stopping data loss immediately through real-time inspection, it addresses threats from both trusted and un-trusted users.
  3. Rapid deployment, ROI and protection against data loss from malware, insider threat or human error.

Why SecurEnvoy Identity & Access Management (IAM) Solution?

  1. Allows organisations to provision employees with secure access to applications, data and resources.
  2. A simple, streamlined solution for today’s security challenges, providing centralised management via a single pane of glass across multiple technology stacks.
  3. Quick to deploy, simple administration, and an intuitive user

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