Data Protection on Internet of Things (IoT/OT)

Data Protection on Internet of Things (IoT/OT)

Data Protection on Internet of Things (IoT/OT) is the technology area concerned with safeguarding the data transmitted from connected devices and networks. The dependency on a network of connected devices to collect data from utilities, transportation or environmental data for local government services, however, also creates new vulnerabilities. If these services were under attack, it could have a significant impact on the network and confidential data can be compromised. By making these services malfunction or shut down, hackers could bring an entire network down – causing traffic chaos, halted trains, discontinued online services or out-of-service utilities.

What will you learn?
1. Evolution of IoT/OT
– Benefits which drive IoT/OT
– Vulnerability of IoT/OT
– The danger
– Data protection in IoT/OT
– Secure the future

2. Case studies on IoT/OT security for utilities and transportation industry.

Who should view?
This webinar is open to all interested in IoT/OT security such as IT managers, engineers, solution architects, policy makers and other information security stakeholders from the verticals of:
1. Utilities
2. Transportation/Vehicle
3. Defense
4. Smart Infrastructure/Estate
5. Smart Buildings
6. Connected healthcare

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