Blog: How does Townsend Security help an MSP overcome the (Key Management Server) KMS Challenge?

In this blog series we’ve put the focus on the MSP’s challenges. Now let’s talk about how we at Townsend Security are helping meet those challenges.

Two years ago Townsend Security treated its MSP customers the way most legacy KMS vendors do. That is, we were a part of the problem. Thanks to the coaching and mentoring of some MSP leaders, we came to understand the need for a new approach, and we launched our MSP partner program.

Key elements of our MSP partner program:
MSPs need confidence in the key management solutions they deploy. Townsend Security has been providing their Alliance Key Manager solution for VMWare for more than 10 years. Alliance Key Manager is certified by VMware for every release of vSphere and vSAN that support encryption, it is FIPS 140-2 compliant, and it is validated to PCI-DSS compliance.

The Townsend Security MSP partner program provides their key management server (KMS) to the MSP with no upfront license fees and no annual minimums. In fact, there is no perpetual or subscription license agreement at all, just a simple end user license agreement tailored for the MSP. The MSP gets training from Townsend Security and deploys the KMS into production. The cost of the solution is based on a low monthly charge per encrypted VM and vSAN directory. Just pay for what you use and nothing else. You can scale up and down your use of the KMS as needed.

How many KMS servers can you deploy? As many as you want. You can share a KMS server across multiple customers, or deploy a dedicated KMS for a customer. You can deploy the KMS in your hosted environment, in the cloud (AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, etc.), and on the customer’s premises. No license or cost per KMS server, no restriction on the number of keys, no restriction on the number of encrypted VMs

Each month you will report the number of encrypted VMs and encrypted vSAN directories you are managing. Payment is also simple and is made electronically through ACH bank transfer, wire transfer, or credit card.

Townsend security provides full 24/7 technical support for business interruption issues. There is no extra charge for software maintenance and support.

It is not just all about technology. We also help you with marketing content, joint webinars, joint podcasts and security reviews. We understand that the typical MSP has a lot on their plate and does not need to spend time on deep security questions. We’ll help answer those tough customer questions about encryption and key management.

We are committed to helping you be successful. We align with your business, service and revenue models. We will train your team. We will support your technical team. And we will help you with marketing support. Our goal is to lean in and help, and take risks with you. We want to be the KMS partner you’ve always wanted.

MSPs have told me that the current COVID crisis is impacting their business and revenue streams. They are losing some customers and revenue but are seeing increased demand from existing customers. Everyone seems to need more help from the experts. It’s a tough time for MSPs. Now is the time to migrate your existing KMS deployment to Alliance Key Manager and gain predictability and scalability in your KMS costs. It’s easy to do.

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