News: Utimaco’s CryptoServer is the 1st HSM to be Common Criteria EAL 4+ certified in Singapore

Singapore, October 1, 2019Utimaco, an international provider of IT security solutions, is proud to announce that its hardware security module (HSM) CryptoServer CP5 is the first product to receive a EAL4+ Common Criteria certification by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) and the first hardware security module with a Common Criteria certificate from Singapore. Furthermore, CryptoServer has successfully completed its evaluation under the National Information Technology Security Evaluation Scheme (NITES).

Protection of sensitive data against cyber attacks or theft for criminal purposes has never been more important, and authorities as well as organizations everywhere rely on hardware-based security solutions such as hardware security modules to keep their cryptographic keys and digital identities safe and to protect critical digital infrastructures and high value data assets. In an effort to establish the protection levels, the government in Singapore has mandated the use of security products that have successfully passed the local Common Criteria certification process in all its government agencies.

Utimaco’s CryptoServer CP5 product meets the requirements of the Singapore government at the highest level, EAL4+, and is therefore the hardware security module of choice for compliance with government regulation and for organizations looking to implement security at government level. In addition to the certification in Singapore, CryptoServer CP5 is also CC-certified by the “Netherlands scheme for Certification in the Area of IT Security” (NSCIB).

“The Singapore Common Criteria certification is an important signal to the Asian market as it confirms both Utimaco’s high standards for product quality and security and Utimaco’s commitment to invest into meeting the requirements of Asian customers, especially in the government,” said Teo Poh Soon, Sales Director – Asia, at Utimaco.

Utimaco’s CryptoServer is the 1st HSM to be Common Criteria EAL 4+ certified in Singapore

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