KeyBRIDGE eKMS Solution

KeyBRIDGE eKMS Solution

The KeyBRIDGE 4100 eKMS is the natural evolution of the original KeyBRIDGE concept to achieve an enterprise encryption key management solution. It maintains support for the generation, import, and distribution of any key type.

KeyBRIDGE eKMS™ (enterprise Key Management System)

GEOBRIDGE recognizes that the need for reliable data protection is increasing and the number of keys used to protect that data is also increasing. Expanding upon the KeyBRIDGE 4100 platform, the KeyBRIDGE Enterprise Key Management System (eKMS) was designed to help customers solve a growing enterprise problem: consistent, centralized key lifecycle management. With KeyBRIDGE, customers are able to generate, import and export keys quickly and efficiently, tracking all the key details in a single location

 HSM Management

KeyBRIDGE eKMS solution enables organizations to securely manage and store all keys and sensitive data for the entire enterprise in a single, centralized location. By integrating HSMs from manufacturers including UTIMACO (Atalla), Thales and SafeNet customers can perform key management functions through a single, easy-to-use interface.


The KeyBRIDGE interface allows customers to add and connect additional HSMs, as well as view and manage existing HSMs within their environment. Multiple HSMs from any manufacturer can be linked to KeyBRIDGE as well as logical endpoint applications needing to utilize keys or materials for use on specific HSMs.

KeyBRIDGE eKMS Solution

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