In a world where the technological landscape is being revolutionized by new Industry 4.0 ideas, ELPROMA helps its customers to guarantee long-term IT/ IoT/ IIoT reliability of existing solutions by providing robust synchronization. The ELPROMA (since 1992) the world leader in NTP PTP/IEEE1588 Time Servers, designed to keep slave clocks highly stable and accurate. All servers are 100% Made in EU ensuring top cyber-security.

Why Elproma NTP/ PTP Time Server?

  1. Smart Antenna Technology
  2. Jamming/ Spoofing Protection
  3. Enhanced Time Server Security
  4. Centralized Management & Reporting
  5. Clock Accuracy

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Elproma Product Range

  1. NTP/ PTP Time Server
    (NTS-5000, NTS-4000, NTS-3000, NTS- Pico3, NTS-Pico3-Antenna)
  2. Jamming/ Spoofing Protection
    (Level 2 GNSS Active Filter, Level 3 GNSS Emulator)
  3. Synchronization Software
    (NTS – Network Time Software Audit & Monitoring)
  4. Accessories
    (NTS–Antenna, NTS–Protect–Arrestor)

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